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Havana and Varadero
If there are countries with a soul, Cuba is definitely one of them. The island of culture, art, music, dance, joy and where one can find the friendliest people in the world is, in Colombo's words, "the most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen."
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Places to visit
A colonial city, Havana is a capital and one of the largest urban centres of culture in the world, whether it is for the music, the dance, the writing, the philosophy, the history or the architecture. The city centre (downtown), Vieja Habana, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with more than 900 classified monuments, including the Presidential Palace and the Cathedral. A welcome dose of culture that will lead you to the most crystalline and desirable sea along the 15 kilometres of the city’s coastline to admire intact coral reefs. For a total communion with nature, the Lenin Park, with 670 hectares of green spaces, is a true oxygen balloon. At sunset, watch the Cañonazo Ceremony at the Morro-Cabaña Military-Historical Site, which marks the end of the day. Then just wait for the night to come, stroll along the Malecón Avenue and go to the Tropicana Cabaret to watch one of its traditional shows. Do not forget to visit Revolution Square (Plaza de la Revolución), which is a little further away from Vieja Habana, but a must see; and Callejon de Hamel, an artistic district where you can admire works by various artists and, with some luck, even spend some time among them. To discover the best bars and shops go to Calle Obispo.

The 'capital' of water sports is Varadero, nicknamed as the best beach in the world. White sand, turquoise water and tropical breezes are the base ingredients in any resort, featuring solutions either for families or for singles, all inclusive or not, but always with guaranteed animation. In addition to diving and snorkelling, swimming with dolphins or sailing or simply relaxing on the beach while enjoying a guarapo (traditional drink), there is an opportunity to play at the Varadero Golf Club, follow the pedestrian paths, visit the Ambrósio Cave , the Zapata Swamp on the Zapata Peninsula; the Varahicacos Ecological Reserve or Matanzas. Another suggestion is the Cayo Piedra Underwater Park, where tropical fish are observed among deliberately sunk military equipment.
Eating: what and where?
A fusion of local, Spanish, African and Caribbean flavours gives Cuban gastronomy a unique exoticism. Fish, shellfish, pork, rice, beans, plantains or yucca (succulent tuber that is cooked like potatoes) are at the base of the Cuban cuisine, in which Ajiaco is one of the dishes of excellence. The desserts are also rich and varied, with Spanish influence, as well as the menu of drinks where the mojitos, the daiquiris, the piña coladas and rum, a cocktail made from sugarcane, water, white rum and ice. Don't forget the traditional coffee.

- Floridita - caribbean, latin, cuban, pub/bar - Obispo 557 esp a Monserrate Habana Vieja
- La Bodeguita del Médio - caribbean, latin, cubana, Central  America and pub/bar - Empedrado no.207 e/Cuba y San Ignacio
- 304 O´Reilly - caribbean, latin, spanish, cuban and fusion - O'Reilly 304 Habana
- Salsa Suarez Restaurant & Bar - international, cuban - Calle 31 no 103 e 1ra y 3ra Ave Varadero
- Varadero - caribbean, seafood, cuban, international - Calle 60 Esquina a 3ra Ave Varadero
Did you know that the Partagás Factory in Vieja Habana produces 5 million cigarettes a year?
In Varadero, Matanzas is nicknamed "Athens of Cuba", because it is considered a pole of culture, where several European poets and writers lived in the mid-nineteenth century.
The Varadero sea water is at an average annual temperature of 24°C to 26°C.
In Cuba there are 256 museums dedicated to history, the revolution, music, natural sciences, colonial or decorative art, weapons, automobiles, religion... more than 100 art galleries, about 70 theatres, 120 publishers, 354 public libraries, 46 schools of art and the International Film and TV School.
This is the largest island in the Caribbean and the country that has more people over 100 years of age in the world, having more than 1500 centenarians among the 11 million inhabitants. On the other hand, the birth rate is among the lowest in the West.
Biotechnology is one area where Cuba stands out with hundreds of new patents on medication and health technology.
Cuba is full of typical products, including the tobacco, the coffee, the rum and others.
To get to know Havana do it on foot, as it is the best way to get to know the city, because besides being safe, with a crime rate of 0%, it is cheaper than a taxi. Start by taking a panoramic view from the terraces of the famous Inglaterra Hotel or the Iberostar Parque Central Hotel.
If you want to take a tour on the famous classic cars, it is advisable not to pay more than $ 11.
To experience the true Cuban flavours, there is nothing better than having a meal in the new private restaurants (paladares), a concept in vogue in Havana and which are basically private houses where you can taste the best of national and international gastronomy.
To access the internet, you must purchase an Etecsa card, which has several tariffs; just decide which is the most appropriate for you.
As this is a hot destination, it is always advisable to wear light, practical and comfortable clothing, as well as the use of sunscreen and insect repellent. With the exception of some museums and military buildings, you can take photographs and film anywhere.
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