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Considered the city of musicians and the capital of classical music, Vienna overflows with culture. Traversed by the Danube and full of coffee houses, a place of worship for the intellectuals, it is considered as one of the best cities to live in, where safety, civility and education reign.
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Places to visit
The architectural richness of Vienna brings us back to various historical periods but the imperial elegance of the Habsburg family continues to name Vienna the city of Empress Sissi. The actual history can be "lived" by visiting the Hofburg Palace and the summer residence, the Schönbrunn Palace with its 1 441 rooms, majestic gardens and home to the oldest zoo in the world.
Part of Klimt's estate, such as "The Kiss", can be enjoyed at the Belvedere Palace Museum, as well as its gardens; in the Museumsquartier there are several museums and a shopping area. Then follow the famous street Mariahilfer Straße where, for 3.7 km, there are shops for all the wallets. The Naschmark is the most famous street market since the sixteenth century for its fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, clothing and restaurants.
The Viennese National Opera - Staatsoper, is a building that was reconstructed after World War II but still has visible marks reflecting the imposing old empire with marble stairways, fountains, statues, tapestries, the tea room and the luxurious concert hall.
In the centre you will find the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, from the thirteenth century, which is one of the oldest cathedrals in Gothic style and that has a 136 metre high tower. At the top, Europe's second largest bell, made from molten cannons captured during the Turkish invasions.
In the Prater Park the amusement park Wurstelprater for kids and adults stands out. The nineteenth century Riesenrad Ferris wheel, which is still operating, is the main attraction.
Eating: what and where?
The gastronomy is descended from the Austro-Hungarian empire from which stands the goulash and the schnitzel, a chicken loaf. The pastry is the ex-libris of the Viennese kitchen, with the famous sacher torte, an original chocolate cake; the mohr im hemd, chocolate pudding and hazelnuts; or the typical apfelstrudel (apple puff).

- Restaurant Rote Bar - German cuisine, Austrian, European and Central European cuisine, Gluten-free, Vegetarian | Philharmonikerstrasse 4,  1010 | 15 € - 40 €
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- Restaurant Lebenbauer - Austrian cuisine, Fusion, International, Vegetarian, Vegan and gluten-free options | Teinfaltstrasse 3,  1010 | 10 € - 25 €
- Gasthaus Kopp - Austrian cuisine, Vegetarian | Engerthstrasse 104,  1200 | 3 € - 15 €
Gardens and parks make up half the area of Vienna, which is the only major capital with a wine country within the city limits where about 700 hectares of vineyard produce 80% varieties of white wine.
Considered an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the Viennese coffee houses have its own mystique, well worth a visit.
Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss or Schubert left their mark on the city. Waltzes, operas and classical music echo throughout the city in one of the 15,000 concerts annually held, in addition to the 450 balls, which take place between January and February.
Psychoanalysis emerged in Vienna through Sigmund Freud who lived in the city for 47 years until he exiled himself in London in the course of the Jewish persecution. His home and office are now a museum with some of his estate on display.
With maximum temperatures exceeding 30°C and minimum temperatures of 15°C, the average temperature in the summer is between 22°C and 26°C. Vienna offers a humid continental climate with winter temperatures between -4°C and 3°C with snowfall between December and March.
The Vienna City Card is a good option for travel on public transport, offering discounts at several museums. Available from 13.90 € the card allows to travel by bus, tram and metro for 24, 48 or 72 hours. Remember that Vienna has one of the best public transport systems where punctuality reigns.
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