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A unique landscape, a city bursting with emotion and lots of entertainment around the clock. This is the Marvellous and unmistakable City. Rio de Janeiro? Always!
Places to visit
The visit to Rio de Janeiro starts right on the plane, because it is impossible to remain indifferent to the aerial overview of the sea, the mountain, the Maracanã and the statue of Christ the Redeemer welcoming us. The geography of the city is very peculiar, and when arriving, you can choose between the refreshing climate of the mountain and the gentle breeze of the beach. There are stories everywhere, told by centenary monuments, cultural traditions and by the joyful and open spirit of the carioca people. Going to Rio de Janeiro and not visiting the statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, would be a mistake. With arms wide open to the city, it welcomes tourists through the Paineiras trail or through the Corcovado train, with every half hour departures to the historic statue. Avoid queues by buying tickets online or at points of sale. Be sure to admire the landscape that the cable car ride of the Sugar Loaf Mountain offers. Enjoy the sunset on Urca Hill, the background of many postcards of the city. If you have great stamina, take the trail up to the Urca Hill! Take the morning for a coffee at Parque Lage and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere at the ruins of an old sugar mill in the Atlantic Forest and the former Palacete dos Lage (a small palace), where today stands the Visual Arts School of Parque Lage. In the afternoon, go to Fort Copacabana to get to know the time when the military ruled Brazil while seeing the canons and objects used in wars, take the time to admire the landscape and the delicious food that the centenary Confeitaria Colombo offers. With a wonderful terrace, relax to the sound of the waves and seagulls.
What to eat?
The gastronomy in Rio de Janeiro is quite varied. You can enjoy from Italian cuisine to the most traditional dish of the city: Feijoada, with rice and beans! But There are others who complete the menu, such as chicken with okra, mince meat and steak with chips, which, although available worldwide, the saying goes that in Rio is mandatory once a week. And don’t forget the caipirinha or the chopp (beer) to accompany it. Very common is also the ‘podrão’, a term used by cariocas to define ‘street food’, such as hot dogs, sandwichs, “tapioca”, chicken barbecue, “coxinha” “churros” and “açaí”, amongst others. On the street, a must have is the popular snack called ‘globo and mate’.
The city's name is due to the exploratory expedition led by Gaspar Lemos when arriving at the bay in January, 1502. The explorer assumed it was a river mouth. Then and there the city was named Rio de Janeiro. Today the alleged river is the famous Guanabara Bay.

In 1565 Estácio de Sá became the founder of the city. The city wasn’t always known as the Marvellous City. For a long time, it was a small and quiet city and only with the arrival of the royal family in 1808, it won the recognition of a metropolis.

Between 1763 and 1960 Rio de Janeiro was the Brazilian capital, but it lost the status to Brasília in 1961.
Rio de Janeiro has high temperatures throughout the year, therefore, the use of sunscreen and a hat is essential. Drink plenty of water and wear light clothing.

Pay attention to traffic that, usually, is very heavy. If your destination is accessible by underground, take it.

Rio has 74kms of cycle paths, most of them along the beach and it is possible to rent bicycles and cycle around the city.
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