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Surrounded by 1200 bridges, the capital of the Netherlands was born from one of the most important sea harbours in the world, built between water canals, known nowadays as the “North Venice”. Cheese, clogs, tulips, windmills and watermills are part of this destination postcard.
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Places to visit
In the centre you can find the Museum Square where is located the Rijksmuseum, dedicated to Dutch Arts and History, and the Rembrandt House and Van Gogh House museums, about life and works of these painters . The Anne Frank House is another imperative stopping point to remember the story of the little Jewish girl who lived hidden with her family over the Nazi Occupation. Another one is the Heineken Experience Museum which allows knowing the Dutch beer history. Enjoy a concert performed at the legendary Paradiso, stage for many historic concerts, or at Melkweg, stage for emerging groups, or even go dance at one of the many clubs in town, such as Sugar Factory, Jimmy Woo or Trouw. Another option to meet town is using the canals, where you have many possibilities available doing a boat trip. This is the paradise city for every cyclist. Then, why not cross it in a bike feeling the heart beating of each neighbourhood and all wide diversity? And why not to go across the vast Vondelpark, certainly one of the most popular city parks where local people do their jogging? Finally, if you are a jewellery lover, visit one of the diamonds museums in town.
Eating: what and where?
The Dutch cuisine is mainly based on potato, strongly ruled by the cheese, the pickled herring, the fish, a variety of vegetables and meat dishes.
Find out our suggestions and average prices.

- Moeders - Rozengracht 251 – €24,50
- Haesje Claes - Spuistraat 275 – €28,50
- Restaurant Johannes - Herengracht 413 - €49
- Bord´Eau - Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14 – €70 (two Michelin stars)
Four metres below sea level, Schiphol Airport is located about twenty minutes away by train from the centre of the capital. Due to the flat land, bikes are the election transport mode, having more bikes than inhabitants. The country has 29.000 kms of bike paths. Tulips are one of the Netherlands symbols, taking place many festivals devoted to the theme. Near the capital you can found the Keukenhof, the biggest garden in the world where it is possible to contemplate, from March to May, seven millions flowers, including several species of tulips. Unesco World Cultural heritage, the Mills, once used to drain water from canals, are today a postcard of this country. At Amsterdam remain three mills. The highest point of Netherlands is 323 metres above sea level.
Marked by a temperate wet climate, frequent wind and rain are natural features. Average temperatures are between 25ºC at the summer and 0ºC at the winter, when it snows as well. Buy a touristic pass, according to the number of days you’ll stay. Amsterdam has a transport network extremely user-friendly that works in a faultless way.

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